Published on 13 November 2019 at 14:53

A warm hot and cosy cup of magical hot chocolate infused with hibiscus tea, cinnamon sticks and lavender. Perfect beverage for a cold winter day. Let me show you how to make it. 

Ingredients for the hot cocoa:

🔮 1,5 cups of almond milk

🔮 75 grams dark chocolate 

🔮 1 tsp vanilla extract 

🔮 1 tbsp hibiscus tea (loose leaf)

🔮 1,5 tsp culinairy lavender 

🔮 pinch of hibiscus salt 

🔮 1 cinnamon stick 

🔮 1 tbsp agave syrup 


Vegan whipped cream and vegan sprinkles (I used midnight magic ones)

Magical method:

  1. Start to add all of the ingredients to a small saucepan. On medium to low heat. You do not boil to let the chocolate melt because otherwise it will get very lumpy. 
  2. Let the tea and cinnamon stick infuse for 5 minutes with the heat off. Strain the chocolate milk through a sieve.
  3. After those infusing minutes put the heat back on to warm your cocoa up. Garnish with your favorite whipped cream. I used coconut whipped cream and magical sprinkles. So good!

Enjoy the magic

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2 years ago

Hi, I'm curious as to what the 1,5 mean? Does it mean 1.5 or 1 1/2? I noticed the comma between the numbers in several other of your recipes. I just want to make sure I get the measurements right when I make some of these recipes. Thanks!

2 years ago

or does it mean 1/2?