Published on 7 July 2019 at 17:10

ESPRESSO PATRONUM! ☕️ My fellow Witches and Wizards I finally created a vegan version of the original Vietnamese iced coffee. I found condensed coconut milk! Thank you universe 🥰✨ So my dad brewed some gorgeous espresso and I put some more magical flavors inside like gingerbread spices, vanilla, chinese 5 spice and I added some soy caramel barista cream. It was divine let me tell you that! Served over ice cubes and serve in a cute glass. I absolutely love to drink these beverage to indulge and perfect for summer🧙‍♂️☕️


This recipe is:






For a glass you will need:

☕️ 240 ml of strongly brewed espresso 

☕️ 3 tbsp of condensed coconut milk

☕️ Vanilla extract, gingerbread and Chinese 5 spice to taste (I used a double pinch between my witchy thumbs)

☕️ 10 ml caramel and soy cream

☕️ Ice cubes and lots of it!


Magical method:

First brew your espresso. Everyone has their own ritual. I let my dad do this part because I never drink coffee only served over ice and with special occassions. Coffee does not treat me good haha so I am more like Professor Trelawney and rather read tea leaves then being hyper of caffeine.

Then when you brewed your coffee set aside and start mixing the condensed milk with spices and the vanilla extract. Mix until combined and add to the bottom of the glass. Fill the glass up with ice and pour over the coffee can be hot or cold. Finish the ice coffee with a splash of caramel soy cream and you can enjoy this magic. Stir well before drinking. Once you get to the bottom it gets better and better because there will some stuck condensed milk on the bottom of the glass and that is the best bit in my opinion. Enjoy the magic! 🧙🏽‍♀️




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