Goodday my fellow Witches and wizards. In this recipe I show you how to make the perfect autumn breakfast. And apple pie inspired flavours. All kinds of textures of apple, warm spices and so healthy and good for you. Perfect if you have a productive day ahead.

Yield: 2 hungry witches/wizards 


🍎 2 eating apples

🍎 6 dried apple slices (organic)

🍎 1 tsp vanilla powder or extract 

🍎 2 cups rolled oats 

🍎 1 cup of coconut milk

🍎 2 cups of water

🍎 1 tbsp gingerbread spices 

🍎 pinch of salt

🍎 1 tbsp maple syrup 

🍎 1 orange zest + juice



Apple slices, dried apple, dried figs, apple compote, smooth peanut butter, flax seeds, prunes and hazelnuts (all optional) and of course an extra drizzle of maple syrup 

Magical Method

Take a medium size cauldron or pan. ADD the oats, milk,  water, gingerbread spices ( if you like some extra cinnamon ), star anise, salt, maple and vanilla extract to the pan. Put the heat to medium-low. Stir very often so it does not catch on the bottom. The porridge is ready in 8-10 minutes.

Meanwhile... you can slice some thick apple slices and caramellize those in a pan with a tsp of coconut oil and a pinch of coconut sugar. Turn every two minutes for a golden brown finish. 

Take another apple and cube and Core the apple. Add to a small sauce pan with zest and juice of 1 orange. Add a tsp of five spice and double toil until thick and glossy. IF you like it sweet add a shot of maple. 


How to make the bowl:

First add the warm and cooked oatmeal. Then the apple slices (the dried and the fried) then some raw apple slices and grate some for a different texture. Some peanutbutter in the middle. Add the dried figs and prunes as well. Sprinkle over hazelnuts and flaxseeds. Et voila! A magical and super comforting porridge breakfastπŸ§™‍♀️

Enjoy the magic 

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