HOUSE PRIDE SMOOTHE BOWL  Today I created something really special for you guys. I want to challenge you to create your own House Pride Smoothie Bowl. Most of the times in the mornings I found it hard to even eat breakfast but also to choose what to make. The start of your day is super important for you. It sets your intensions and productive vibes if you make a magical breakfast for yourself. It is magic on it's own.  I went to the Farmers's market to find all yellow fruits to create this bowl with and caught by my surprise I find a lot. Yellow prunes, melon, peaches, kiwi's and lots of other good stuff! Let's start shall we?


For 1 big smoothie bowl:


- 3 frozen bananas + 1 for garnish
- 1 tbsp turmeric powder
- 1 tsp lemon zest
- half a frozen mango

Blend all these ingredients until smooth and creamy, sooooo dreamy.  Then add it to your favorite bowl of choice and you can start decorating.


I used:


- mango
- yellow plums
- melon
- golden kiwi
- peaches
- puffed quinoa
- pecan nuts
- chopped hazelnuts
- lemon zest

- banana


To add another dimension to the styling of the smoothie bowl. I like to cut the fruit in different shapes and sizes. That is also exciting for the mouth feels. 


For the other Hogwarts Houses you can use:


Slytherin: to make the smoothie green use banana/mango as a base and add spirulina or spinach to make it green. 


For garnish you could use green kiwi, green apples, lime, grapes, pear and melon


Gryffindor: Use banana/ frozen mango for the base and add freeze dried strawberries or red berries to make the smoothie red. 


For garnish you could use: red currants, cranberry, strawberry, red apples, pomegranate,  raspberries, cherries, grapefruit, red grapes and blood oranges


Ravenclaw: Use banana/frozen mango for the base and add blue spirulina to make the smoothie blue


For garnish you could use blueberries, white pitahaya (dragon fruit), blackberries, figs and grapes


And go all out if you have some nice nuts laying around in your pantry or sprinkles, add it to the smoothie bowl. You will create magic!



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