magical vegan food.



I think introduction is in order

My name is Imana. A Dutch Kitchen Witch who is obsessed with Kitchen Witchcraft and the Wizarding World. I live in the Netherlands and was born and bred here. I am a full time food photographer, stylist, recipe developer and witch. I started Magical Food Department from a very dark place but it became my foundation., my home. 


I became a vegan witch roughly a year ago (2019) but I did not want to share my recipes in a context that everybody is doing on Instagram or foodblogs nowadays. I want(ed) to be different. Unique. Challenge myself everyday. I became my own competition. 


Every picture has to tell a story. So I started to combine my love for the Wizarding World and my creative cooking and styling skills. All of my recipes are related to a character/happening\scene from the books/movies. The Wizarding world is my home and I hope you feel and enjoy the magic though the recipes!


why vegan?

Cutting down meat, dairy and fish out of my life was necessairy at the time for my health. I was puking after every meal as well as horrible bowel pains. I got diagnosed with disfunctional dyspepsia and IBS syndrome not long after the transition in lifestyle change. Both are labeled as mysterious diseases and I am fighting against the symptoms every day. Vegan food has healed me and feeded me when I was to sick to function. 

Above all of that I am against cruelty towards magical creatures. If slaughter houses were from glass I think more and more people start to awaken what is really happening with animals, who have genuine feelings and a soul of their own.  I was a vegetarian for four years and after that reality unfolded for my eyes to see.  


Veganism is not a trend but an awakening.  Veganism is freedom. Free from harm and the limits of cooking and living are endless. Sky is the limit is no longer in order. Going to the beyond and back is a better frase. I started to cook from other cuisines. Pick up plants at my local market and make them the hero of my dishes.  Raising awareness about this topic became so imporant to me and I want to heal the world through every recipe.